Vally 2 years old

I am not going to lie, I am falling behind on my blog posts. And not because I am slacking off or that I don’t love photography anymore. On the contrary, it is because so much has happened on the past 6 months that it is been hard to keep up.

And what better way to celebrate my come back to the blog life then for my first blog post to be with the one that started this whole thing??

Yes, little Valentina!! I think Valentina’s newborn session was what has changed the game for me and made me want to take my photography to the next level. After all, it is not all day that you came across such a wonderful family and I am very happy that two years later they are still a part of my life and they are the biggest supporters of my business. And yes Vally grew up to be everything that I expected her to be, a kind, funny and adorable little girl who completely nailed this session!!

I have nothing but eternal gratitude for this family and I am absolutely blessed with every time that I get to meet them and register every milestone in their lives!!

Little Vally’s birthday party had the Little Red Riding hood as a theme and it was the event of the year, I was lucky enough to do the photographic coverage of it and had an absolute blast!!

So stay tuned for photos, they will be on the blog soon!!


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