Brisbane Family Photographer – Meet the Rolston Family


It is rare that you come across a couple that when you meet them, it is like you are instantly great friends. That is how I felt when I met this gorgeous family. Mum Lyndsay is a Canadian stunner with the most beautiful accent I have ever heard in my life, I could hear her talking all day long!! Dad Cameron is a mountain climber/super dad who is an all round great guy and oh so patient. And they have raised the most awesome kids, little Bane is the Ninja ladybug hunter, I could swear he spotted hundreds of ladybugs during our session and he was able to catch them like a pro, which added that little bit of spark to our session after all, is not every day that we have ladybugs added to our scenario.

And a little fun fact for you, in Brazil if you see a ladybug you are in for good luck, and we certainly had THE BEST luck in our session today, having the most perfect light and the most beautiful day ever!! And have I mentions sweet cutie pie Ada who even tho absolutely hated sitting on the grass was very content with getting showered with cuddles and kisses from mum, dad and big brother!!

And the photos are so beautiful and everyone played so well that it doesn’t even look like we were getting eaten alive by mosquitoes all the way through the session!!


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