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A Cake smash and a Family session all in one day, how lucky am I to have spent so much time with darling little Jo and his wonderful Mum and Dad. Mum Jess is neighbours with my good friend Kate, and has the most incredible dumpling shop in Cannon Hill. Got to love dumplings. I was very excited for these two sessions. It’s always a pleasure to work with recommendations and friends. It brings something extra special to the session.  And this was no exception.

The first thing I noticed when greeting little Jo and his adoring parents, other than how painfully handsome baby Jo was, was Jess’ dress. The most elegant, delicate, and pristine flowing dress in a very light pink, almost cream colour. She looked stunning. And, may I add, her dress was still pristine at the end of the cake smash session.How?? Not a single spot of frosting found its way onto this gorgeous dress. What a miracle considering little Jos’ cake was a bright blue frosted chocolate cake. Of course, it was a chocolate cake, I mean, how can you resist chocolate cake? (And it was impossible to resist to this one from the very talented Tau at @taucakestory. please follow them in Instagram they have the most beautiful and delicious cakes!!)

Back to the cake, bub Jo for sure couldn’t resist it . He was right in there, getting stuck in, but still with an air of politeness, so delightfully quiet and well behaved.  He was such a cutie, mesmerised by his yummy cake, but not impressed at all with ANY of my attempts to make him smile. You name it, I tried it, peek-a-bo included. Such a clever and observant little boy, baby Jo was peaceful and quiet for both sessions; family and cake smash. The camera loved his gentle eyes, and he melted my heart throughout the whole session. He was a delight to work with. As so were his mum and dad. And eventually, Jo gave me a coy smile when it was time to go home – my efforts did pay off, he’s a charmer, and will for sure be a heartbreaker. Watch out girls!





Carol Souza Photography is a boutique studio based in Carindale, Qld and I offer a wide range of photography services in and around Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Cake Smash and Fruit Smash sessions are one of our specialities and our clients have been raving about our great service and beautiful final results! In addition to it we really enjoy our Family sessions that can be done at any time on your family’s life. .

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