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So what exactly is a Lifestyle session??

I had so many clients asking me this question and I thought this would be a great opportunity to answer it. When I first started photographing lifestyle sessions it was from the demand of  offering “unposed” sessions, maybe because the mum wasn’t very comfortable on having her tiny baby handled all the time maybe its because time went by too quick and your baby is now 2 months old and you didn’t have the opportunity to book your newborn session.  Or maybe even because dad is a bit camera shy, or maybe because on top of having a newborn you also have an super high energetic toddler who you would think that in a million years would sit down for more then 2 minutes for a photo.

Whatever your reasons are , lifestyle sessions are all about documenting your family at their more comfortable, every day situations.  Because I believe there is so much beauty on those little moments that happen when no one is watching. Lifestyle sessions are all about tickles and laughter and love and cuddles and nothing else!! Lifestyle sessions are about life, your life, because no matter how messy, loud and chaotic life gets, it is still authentically beautiful!!!

So how does the whole thing works?? Well, one of the perks of it is that the whole session will take place on your house. But don’t freak out just yet about hiring a maid and a decorator to work on your house days before the session, the whole focus on the session here will be your family and the joyful moments spent together. But, while most of lifestyle session will take place in your home they don’t necessarily have to!! Does your family has a favourite spot around Brisbane?? Or a ice cream shop or a fun place that you always take the kids to? These are things we can document during your lifestyle session as well!!! I hope I am not confusing you with all this information, basically, a lifestyle session is about showing your family at your best, showing those perfect hidden moments on the every day to day and it can be anywhere, anytime, all the time!!! As long as you are all together it is all that matters!!! Either way, I will be  honoured to be there to witness all of these special moments and create beautiful images for you to treasure for years to come!

A little bit about what to expect…

Once you’ve booked your session and paid the session fee, we will be in touch via phone and email to prepare for your Lifestyle session…I’ll ask about your family, your home and how you work as a family. From there I will work on a loose timeline for how our session will flow, but I am also prepared to throw it out the window and observe whatever unfolds. If the session is in your home, we will take a little tour before I start shooting and then go from there. Just pretend I’m a fly on the wall and be you! I love observing people and sitting quietly while life happens. I can also give very gentle promptings if you are more comfortable with me taking the lead. After I’ve got the shots I need to create a beautiful storytelling collection, I’ll work on editing and preparing for your Session Premiere. That night will be so much fun!

Please let me know if you have any questions or if you would like to book your session, I always try to be as available as possible for my dear clients and the easiest way to find me is always on my email info@carolsouzaphotography.com but you can also find me on my facebook page www.facebook.com/carolsouzaphotography.

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