I am back!!



So much has happened on the past 5 months, I have received so many messages of people asking me where have I been and if I am still doing photography and the answer is YES!!! Yes I am still doing photography and loving every second of it!! The problem is that because I am loving every second of it so much, I have just been incredibly busy with a billion side projects on top of my photography to be able to get myself organised and post all of the breathtaking amazing sessions that I had the pleasure of doing for the past 5 months!!
I am very happy and very thankful that people haven’t forgotten about me and are still asking for quotes for sessions, and please keep them coming it is always a joy hearing from people that will allow me to be a part of such a special moment in their lives and I am always so thankful for every single email that I receive each day!!
My website is finally ready (after 7 months of intense hard work, of dealing with 4 different people and finally finding someone reliable and trustworthy to help me with it! more about my drama when I officially launch it haha) and there will be many blog posts on the next few weeks, was organising so many of them and can’t believe that most of the babies that I photographed are 4 months old now and completely different little humans haha…
To thank everyone for the patience, support and for not forgetting about me, for Maternity and Family sessions booked in May and June you will receive a 10% discount!!! Definitely an opportunity not to be missed! For more information or to book it now please email info@carolsouzaphotography.com


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