Cake Smash Photographer Brisbane – Happy birthday to Elijah!




Elijah just turned one!! And OMG how much fun did we have on our session!! You never really can predict what is going to happen on a cake smash session and this guy was just a pro at the whole thing!! Nothing stopped him from having the time of his life, he was loving the balloons and all the mess and colours that it was hard holding him still for just one moment!! Thank God he wasn’t walking yet otherwise we would not have had a session at all and would have just spent all of our time chasing him around!

So yes, if you are wondering, it was one of those sessions where you laugh so much your belly hurts as he just pulled all of these cute faces and poses like you wouldn’t believe!! And nothing seemed to bother this super amazing little guy, he had a few falls but kept getting back up again like it never happened, he was just one of those blessed children that!!

Happy birthday little Elijah and thank you so much for being your super adorable self!!






Carol Souza Photography is a boutique studio based in Carindale, Qld and I offer a wide range of photography services in and around Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Cake Smash Photography is one of our specialties and our clients have been raving about our great service and beautiful final results! We really enjoy our Cake Smash sessions and capturing 1st birthday moments and our sessions are very complete and we plan everything with you from start to finish!!

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