Christmas Mini Sessions 2016



Oh men, I just had so much fun this weekend with my Christmas Minis!!! Specially when I get to see my repeat clients one more time before the end of the year!! One of the high points of the day was to have baby Daniel in the studio, that I photographed only 6 months ago and looks so incredibly cute with those beautiful blue eyes!! And of course, big brother Pat who is always so happy and hiper, almost bringing my whole studio down with his fits of energy haha. I remember when he first came in for my first Christmas Session and just completely won my heart with that beautiful smile and such a kind heart!!

And here they are all again, 3 years in a row, and I am just so thankful for being a tiny part of this family’s history and that they will have images to cherish forever!! (The Photo of our first Christmas Session still has a special place on the fridge and has been there for the past 3 years, that’s so special to me!!)

And a huge thanks for everyone who came along, this was sure a Christmas to remember!!





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