Cake Smash Photographer Brisbane – Cayleb the cake smash king!!


I had such an amazing day with Cayleb at the studio for his cake smash session!!

When they first arrived mum Cindy was a bit worried as Cayleb was a bit “grumpy” after recovering from an ear infection and getting ready for a huge trip right on the next morning!! And I will tell you, if this is the grumpy version of this little guy I really want to be around for the happy version of him, as he must be just rainbows and unicorns and all this pretty!! When our session ended my face was hurting from smiling so much !! He sure was an spectacular cake smasher but his play in the bath was beyond epic!!! Never before there has been such a vigorous water splasher here at the studio haha!!! I am just thankful that I don’t have carpets here in the studio, he took all of this incredibly serious and there was water everywhere!! Maybe I should wear a rain coat next time?

I am going to miss this little guys sweet face after editing his session non stop for the past week!! Happy birthday to this adorable little guy who wins the award for the biggest smile around town!!





Carol Souza Photography is a boutique studio based in Carindale, Qld and I offer a wide range of photography services in and around Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Cake Smash Photography is one of our specialties and our clients have been raving about our great service and beautiful final results! We really enjoy our Cake Smash sessions and capturing 1st birthday moments and our sessions are very complete and we plan everything with you from start to finish!!

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