Cake Smash Photographer Brisbane – Happy birthday dear Aubrey!



Little miss Aubrey is one!! Her lovely family chose the whole shebang to celebrate such a wonderful milestone! We all met in the Carindale Reserve for some beautiful family photos with mum, dad and big sis!!! And they we hit the road and headed to the studio for some serious cake smashing fun!!

And I must say, Aubrey was the most fabulous little cake destroyer and she took her job very seriously!! And how beautiful doest she look with those huge green eyes and the mauve team that we made for her??

So many smiles, lots of laughs and a bit of a sugar high at the end to finish off the session in seriously cute style!! We had such a wonderful time watching her demolish the cake and this little one would just refuse to stay sitting down on the tub which was great for me as it got me a billion adorable photos and not so much for mum that had to keep a close watch on her and ended up just as wet as she was.

What a great way to celebrate your birthday!! Happy birthday precious girl!!






Carol Souza Photography is a boutique studio based in Carindale, Qld and I offer a wide range of photography services in and around Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Cake Smash Photography is one of our specialties and our clients have been raving about our great service and beautiful final results! We really enjoy our Cake Smash sessions and capturing 1st birthday moments and our sessions are very complete and we plan everything with you from start to finish!!

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