Brisbane Cake Smash – Ben’s smash the fruit session!



Not all kids can handle sugar. As a sugar addict myself I completely understand parents who are extra careful about their kids sugar intake. But, somewhere along the line, a photographer genius had a thought “well, why not give a healthier alternative to cake smashes and do a fruit smash instead?”, after all no kids should be deprived of celebrating their 1 year birthday in complete style!!

I have no idea who that person was buy he or she has my eternal gratitude for such a brilliant idea hahaah. Fruits are beautiful, full of colour and just as messy as a cake!! And what is even better is that one year olds are so used to eating fruit that it is a done deal that they will absolutely LOVE the whole experience!!

Just like my little buddy Ben!! This handsome one year old had an extra hungry day – his super smart mum gave him a moderate lunch a couple of hours before the session and he was ready to attack my watermelon cake!!  And I could not be happier with the session!! He devoured all the fruit: yummy watermelon, strawberries and bananas and he was a happy little monkey when the session was over!!

I could not have asked for a better little model for this whole experience!! He was a champ and he has the most beautiful eyes and facial expressions eeevveeerrrr!!

Hope this session puts a huge smile on your face and makes you want to swap those unhealthy chocolate for some yummy watermelon!!





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